How to Decorate Your College Dorm Room

August is wrapping up, and it’s time to head back to school. Even if you’re not quite class-ready, we have a few awesome interior design tips that can get your college dorm room ready.

The word poor precedes “college student” for a reason. But whether you’re staying on campus or renting an apartment, here are some budget-friendly things to make your place feel homey.

Command™ Hooks and Strips

Like ramen noodles and laundry money, Command™ products are a staple of the college experience. They’re one of the most versatile supplies you can have. You can create a little extra space by using the hooks for towels and coats. Or you can use the Picture Hanging Strips to keep your new tapestry from falling down. You can even make your bed look unique by hanging a faux headboard above your standard dorm bed.


Dorms have enough bland colors in them, so dress up those basic white plastic Command™ hooks with a little paint. Not only can paint change the look of items around the apartment, there are tons of cool paint projects you can create. Try this diamond-patterned wall art, these upcycled school supply tins or these 2-tone vases. A new coat of paint can also help restore old furniture and make random secondhand pieces look like a set. You could even skip the thrift store and use paint to make some crate shelf units for next to nothing.

Basic Tool Kit

Need something a little more permanent? Our tool kit features other helpful tools like a hammer, tape measure, pliers, a precision screwdriver set and more. While most dorm rooms and apartments don’t allow you to make a lot of permanent changes, you can make small changes with these tools. And we offer a spackle kit to cover up any holes you may have created when it’s time to move. Aside from its uses in creating DIY dorm decor, our tool kit is useful to have in case of emergencies. You never know when something might break or when the screw might decide to fall out of your glasses. (Hint: The middle of the night and during finals week.)

In a small space, it’s crucial to stick to the essentials. With these supplies, you’ll be prepared to take on some serious DIY projects to personalize your college dorm or apartment. If you find yourself in need of anything else, stop by and pick up door mirrors, over-door hooks and more.

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