“How-To” Advice

10th Street Hardware’s staff provides guidance and advice to help our customers select the best product for their needs

How to fix a hole in the wall?


  1. Determine the material of the wall
  2. Take a picture of the hole and bring into store

How to hang a picture?


  1. Determine if the frame has a wire to hang on wall
  2. Estimate the weight
  3. Identify studs to select the proper products

How to fix a running toilet?


  1. Find out the model of the toilet
  2. Shut water valve off before working on the toilet
  3. Bring broken toilet part to the store, if possible

How to hang a shelf?


  1. Measure the height off the ground that the shelf should be
  2. Mark a level guide line on wall
  3. Determine weight of shelf and what will be on the shelf
  4. Determine where studs are located for proper anchor
  5. Select the bracket that matches your decor

How to find a wall stud without a finder?


  1. Use a stud finder or other method
  2. Drill a pilot hole to determine path

How to install a tv mount?


  1. Make sure bracket is large enough for the TV
  2. Decide where on the wall you want to mount the TV
  3. Confirm the material the wall is made of

How to install a closet wire shelf?


  1. Measure the space to be covered
  2. Bring measurements to store for custom cut
  3. Note the wall material to be mounted on

How to unclog a toilet without a plunger?


  1. Determine the cause of the clog
  2. Be prepared to shut the water off under the toilet

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