3 Last-Minute DIY Valentine’s Day Ideas

Valentine’s Day is almost here. It’s time to air out your frustrations.

When you have a partner who’s discontent with typical gifts, or you just don’t see the value in buying them, coming up with an original present can easily be left to the last minute or leave you out of the mood.

Metro Essentials is hearing you out. Bouquets, chocolates, and trinkets can stay on the shelves.  For promoters of the practical, Valentine’s Day still offers inspiration for DIY projects that leave lasting memories for you and your special someone.

Here are our top picks for last-minute DIY Valentine’s Day gifts:

1. A Hand-Crafted Jewelry Box

Image via HGTV

If buying jewels is out of the question this year, a one-of-a-kind jewelry box may be the perfect way to show your commitment to giving a significant other mindfulness, safety and love. It’s also a unique and surprising way to present a new piece to their collection.

TIP: When designing your box, consider where it might be kept. A quality jewelry box will complement its living space, even if you’d swear lime green is her favorite color.

2. DIY Scratch Off Cards

Image via Destination Decoration

For a more exciting take on the date night jar, we recommend this recipe for DIY scratch off tickets. Using paint and dish soap, the simple formula can be used to craft more unexpected cards or coupons.

TIP: Make a card that includes several date activities, then have your sweetheart scratch off only 1 or 2 boxes to make date night a fun surprise for you both.

3. Custom Painted Mason Jars

Image via DIY Joy

The mason jar is a trend that refuses to quit. We chock it up to the jar’s versatility as a vessel for cocktails, craft supplies, or even your special someone’s new pickling obsession. When practical becomes cool, how can you refuse?

TIP: This present can be a fun way for your children, family or friends to get involved. Use chalkboard paint for easy personalized messages, then seal with a topcoat for long-lasting reminders of just how loved they are.

If you would like help planning any of these projects, or have a special DIY Valentine’s Day idea of your own, we’d love to help. Stop by 10th St. Hardware or 3rd St. Hardware to get the professional help you need to finish the job with confidence and heart.

What DIY surprises have you given a loved one? Let us know in the comments below!

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