Old City Picnic Guide

When summer winds down in Philadelphia, the air gets comfy as autumn breezes flow through crispy leaves. There’s still plenty of beautiful days ahead, so why not throw an Old City picnic? 3rd Street Hardware knows the best spots for picnicking in our neighborhood.

Picnic with the Founding Fathers

About the Park: Connect with the colonial world of Philly when you picnic at Independence Hall between 5th and 6th Streets. This location has plenty of spots for your basket, so you don’t have to worry about others invading your personal space.

Good Eats: If you want to stretch your food boundaries, we recommend a short walk to 3rd Street to enjoy some Middle Eastern bites from Café Ole. After packing your basket, go to Inspired Brews for seasonal handcrafted kombucha. Finally, treat yourself to some post-picnic coffee and cookies at Old City Coffee in the shadow of Christ Church.

What to Pack: Spice up your meal with Rivsalt, an all-natural Himalayan mountain salt sold at 3rd Street Hardware. It even comes with a stainless-steel grater and wooden tray. You’ll stand out from other picnickers when you arrive with this unique accessory to make your favorite dishes even more delicious.

On the Delaware River

About the Park: Settle down at Race Street Pier for a picnic on the waterfront with the Benjamin Franklin Bridge in the background. Watch boats sail down the harbor as you chill in the breeze and enjoy the vibes of good food and company.

Good Eats: Before heading to Race Street Pier, make a pit stop at High Street for take-out salads, sandwiches and cheeses. If you’re still hungry, check out ICI Macarons & Café for some desserts and pastries.

What to Pack: Enjoy your favorite drinks in portable glasses from 3rd Street Hardware. Transporting is easier with a detachable stem feature, which allows the glasses to be stored safely in small picnic baskets.

Picnic in the Hammocks

About the Park: Where there are hammocks, there is shade! Take some time away from the waning summer sun at Spruce Street Harbor Park. This Delaware river park is one of the most comfortable areas for picnicking and lounging in Philadelphia, and is open until the end of September.

Good Eats: Stock your picnic basket with food from Torch-Wood Market’s selection of hot paninis or cool sandwiches. After lunch, surrender to your cravings with chocolates and sweets at the Shane Confectionery.

What to Pack: Keep your drinks cool using 3rd Street Hardware’s beer caddy, which allows you to safely pack your bottles. This durable, lightweight cooler has a retractable bottle opener and an adjustable shoulder strap for easier transportation.

Romance in the Roses

About the Park: Located inside Independence Park between 4th and 5th Streets, the Rose Garden is a sweet flower bed for a romantic afternoon. While you picnic here, fall in love beneath the shade of the brick walls and beautiful roses. But watch out for thorns!

Good Eats: Old City’s best beverage selection is at Mulberry Market, so stock up for your favorite person. Once the drinks are in the basket, it’s time to complete your picnic with a delicious sandwich from FRIEDA for generations. Every romantic picnic needs dessert, so stop by Swiss Haus Bakery for a wide selection of baked sweets.

What to Pack: 3rd Street Hardware’s Pioneer Picnic Basket can store all the drinks, food, dessert and gifts you need for your date. Above all, this basket is stylish for the city and has enough storage for all the picnic essentials like silverware and storage containers. Impress your date with a basket that shows you thought of everything.

Family Fun at Franklin Square

About the Park: On the weekends, children will love Franklin Square’s playground and carousel ride, all situated in north Old City. Franklin Square is an inviting park for all families to picnic.

Good Eats: Children will love Rocket Fizz’s selection of zany soda flavors like PB&J, marshmallow and bacon. On your way there, remember to grab gigantic slices of pizza–every kid’s favorite–at Big Ass Slices on Market Street. The best desserts for kids are at Fezziwig’s Sweet Shoppe, which has fun, fresh treats like kettle corn, milkshakes, and banana split sundaes.

What to Pack: Give the kids a friendly scare with Ant Picks! Replace your boring toothpicks at 3rd Street Hardware to fit in with the picnic theme and keep your small bites together. The best part? These ants will not run away with your food!

Ready for an Old City picnic? Stop by 3rd St. Hardware for all the supplies you need, and pickup our Old City Picnic Guide so you can put together your afternoon with ease.

Think we missed a great spot to lunch and laze? Let us know in the comments below!

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