4 Tips for Speedy Spring Cleaning

The March snow trapped Philadelphia indoors. As eager as we are to smell the flowers and head to fun events in the neighborhood, our spring cleaning chores come first.

3rd Street Hardware offers the best spring cleaning products and the most efficient supplies to restore any mess before the warm weather arrives. These products are guaranteed to save your spring by helping you clean your apartment quicker with brands you can trust. You’ll finish spring cleaning before the snow melts!

Water Is All You Need When You Have An E-Cloth.

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3rd Street Hardware is conscious of the limited space that many customers deal with and how bulky cleaning supplies can occupy a lot of it.

The e-cloth is an advantage because it only requires water to effectively clean tough stains on carpets, filthy windows, bathroom tiles and even your dog’s paws. This cleaning product is versatile, durable and chemical-free, which is safe for the environment. This simple cloth is a must-have for spring cleaning in Philadelphia!

More Vacuum Cleaners Than Meets The Eye

Large messes call for more muscle. Our 3rd street location will solve the problem with powerful vacuums at affordable prices. We work hard to stay tidy, too, so the vacuums are stocked in the store’s basement. Ask us to view a catalog of what we have in stock.

Finding the perfect vacuum makes for easy spring cleaning. 3rd Street Hardware’s vacuum inventory ranges from bagless vacuum cleaners to 2-in-1 designs that have a built-in hand vac so you won’t miss any crumbs in hard to reach places. We’d love you to come in, view our vacuum catalog, and chat about which vacuum is the best fit for you. To view our online catalog, click here.

Spring Solutions For Hardwood Floors

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Caring for hardwood floors can be tricky. 3rd Street Hardware trusts Bona products, a Swedish company that specializes in hardwood floors. The Bona spray mop and floor cleaner goes a step beyond simply mopping or vacuuming a hardwood floor. This means you can shorten your to-do list and ensure that your space receives the best clean it can get.

Our Bona display carries everything you’ll need for cleaning your hardwood floors, such as the Bona spray mop, microfiber cleaning pads and floor polish for long-lasting results.

End The Day With Mrs. Meyer’s

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Once all the heavy-duty spring cleaning is finished, choose from our wide selection of Mrs. Meyer’s products to keep your home fresh. Lacking spring scents in your house? Pick up some Mrs. Meyer’s candles or hand soap for extra fragrance. Also, your warm weather clothes are ready for Mrs. Meyer’s laundry detergent. 3rd Street Hardware offers more variety in this popular brand than other stores, so we encourage you to come in.

Spring is just around the corner! Stop into 3rd Street Hardware, so we can help spring blossom in your home.

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