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What To Expect This Winter in Philadelphia

These days, even weather isn’t the polite subject of conversation it used to be. Our summers are getting hotter and our winters just keep getting weirder.

Every year, the Farmers’ Almanac compiles a long-range forecast to let us know what the weather will look like for the next 16 months. Not to give too much away, but you may want to stop by 3rd St. Hardware for some window insulation kits.

Without further ado, here’s what to expect from winter 2018-2019.

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A Bleak Prediction

Remember El Niño? Contrary to popular belief, El Niño is not a storm, but rather a weather pattern that occurs every 2-7 years. When surface temperatures rise in the Pacific Ocean and rainfall patterns change in response, meteorologists categorize it as an El Niño. Back in 2016, El Niño was blamed for everything from floods to fires across the Northern Hemisphere.

This year, a weaker El Niño is expected to affect our weather patterns and make this a winter to remember.

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Winter’s False Start

Thanks to El Niño, we can expect early-winter weather to be warmer than usual. Expect more rain and less snow for most of December. In fact, we’re supposed to get 3 more inches of rain than normal across the Northeast. But don’t let a little wet weather get you down. Meteorologists are expecting “widespread wintry precipitation” starting around the 24th of December.

That’s right, it looks like we may be in for the white Christmas we’ve been missing all these years.

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New Year, New Freeze

Speaking of which, have you written your Christmas list yet? You may want to add a space heater to it. The Farmers’ Almanac forecasts that an unusually snowy winter will take hold of the Northeast this January. The temperature is supposed to alternate from just above the freezing mark to just below it. Hoping to make it to Philadelphia’s Mummers Parade this year? Be on the lookout for precipitation in the form of ice or freezing rain.

In early February, bitter and cold winds are expected to take hold of the region. Storms from the Gulf of Mexico are supposed to make their way north, bringing the cold with them. From here, things are only expected to get snowier.

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A Muddy March

You can cross your fingers on Groundhog Day, but don’t get your hopes up. Punxsutawney Phil will probably see his shadow this year. Yay, more winter!

Reports for mid-March forecast storms from coast to coast. All across this great nation, sleet, snow and rain are expected to muddy up our March. But there’s good news too! These storms will be the final stretch of the season as it looks like things will start to warm up just in time for Easter.

And there you have it, folks. Looks like we’re in for one wacky winter. Thankfully, you’re already one step ahead! All winter long, 3rd St. Hardware will be here to make sure you and your loved ones are warm, cozy and ready for winter.

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